Local Issues

There is a widespread feeling in Norfolk that over the past thirteen years the Labour government has put us low on its list of priorities, whether for new infrastructure, investment, road and rail links or jobs. I will work hard to make sure Norfolk's interests are represented in parliament and lobby the new government for the investment we need.
Some of the local issues that I have fought for are:
1. The dualling of the A47 which is the crucial east-west trunk road for Norfolk. Progress has been slow but I was successful in lobbying for the road improvements west of Norwich.
St Michael's Hospital2. Along with the local community I actively campaigned to maintain local bed facilities at the site of the old St Michael's Hospital at Aylsham. I have campaigned for the maintenance of local health facilities wherever possible.
3. The future of the former RAF base at Coltishall. I spoke out against the concept of an eco-town and negotiated hard for the rights of local people in the development of a prison on the site. I am working hard to encourage proper development of the rest of the site.
4. Succeeded in introducing a Private Member's Bill The National Lottery Fund (Endowments) which was on behalf of the EDP "We Care" Campaign which has been so important in providing support for so many carers and their families in Norfolk.

Dissolution of Parliament

Parliament has been dissolved until after the General Election on 12th December and there are now no MPs. This website is for reference of my work when I was a Member of Parliament.

I am not seeking re-election.